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Q: Does douglas's plan for transcontinental railroad lead to the kansas-nebraska act?
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Which statements best describe how the Transcontinental Railroad helped lead to the closing of the western frontiers?

Cities along the railroad expanded and became population centers.

When did Chinese go to Nevada?

Chinese workers went to Nevada Territory in substantial numbers first for the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, which helped lead to statehood in 1864.

Where did the Underground Railroad lead?


Where did the Underground Railroad system lead?

The Underground Railroad lead to Mexico, New York, even Canada. It led to Canada because Canada did not allow slavery

What events did Sojourner Truth lead?

Sojourner Truth lead the underground railroad escape.

Where did transcontinental railroad workers live?

Workers building the Transcontinental Railroad in places far from towns and cities lived in camps when they were not working. On average, these laborers (typically Irish and Chinese immigrants) worked 12 hours per day, 6 days per week. In the camps, workers ate, drank, gathered around the campfire, gambled, and smoked opium. It was a difficult life and a dangerous one. Winters were harsh, and a particularly bad snow storm could lead to the deaths of an entire camp full of laborers -- only to be found when the snow melted in the spring.

Who was the first person to lead the underground railroad?

Harriet Tubman

What are Railroad hobos?

railroad hobos are homeless people who travel on railroads or smuggle themselves in railroad cars. railroad hobos generally walk on railroads because they lead to different cities, towns, villages and depots.

Why is the under ground railroad important?

because it lead slaves to freedom

What did Frederick Douglass invent?

Frederick Douglass was noted for being a social reformer and writer who escaped from slavery to lead the abolitionist movement. He is known for being a great orator, but has never invented anything.

What role did the the federal government play in increasing industrialization in the US after the civil war?

After the US Civil War, the federal government backed the Transcontinental Railroad, which greatly enhanced the Industrial Age and lead to huge economic growth within the country. The government enhanced the nation's capitalist economy, promoting private enterprise and a free market.

What African American women is known as a lead in underground railroad?

Herriat Tubman