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No, they only have to be born in the United States. You may travel anywhere you please and still become the president.

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Q: Does the a person have to reside in the US continuously from birth to be eligible for president?
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Where the president reside?

in Washington D.C.

Who is eligible voter?

**ANYONE WHO CAN LEGALLY VOTE** Anyone who is 18 and is registered to vote in their district where they reside.

What are the 3 requirements to become elgible for president?

The US Constitution imposeses these requirements to be eligible to be elected President: 1. Must be at least 35 years of age. 2. Must be a natural born US citizen. 3. Must reside within the US for at least 14 years.

Minimum age to be eligible for election to House?

The minimum age to be eligible for election to the House is 25. He or she must also have been a citizen for at least seven years, and reside in the state he or she will be representing.

Which is the only president NOT to reside in the white house?

George Washington

Where does the President of the Indian National Congress reside?

1o janpath

What does the USConstitution say about who can be president?

Just that they have to be 35 years old, be born in the US, and reside in the US for 14 years ( this allows a person who has served in the military or in the government to run)

Where did President Nixon reside before presidency?

He lived in California when he was not serving in Washington as a senator or vice-president

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i think so

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Why does the US president have to reside in the White House?

Mainly for protection. And everybody knows where it is so the people will feel close to the president.