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The President does live in the White House, which is in Washington DC, however after and before the President's term in office, often times the President does not reside in Washington DC, and instead lives in other states.

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Q: Is Washington D.C. the home of the president?
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What building in Washington DC is home to the president?

The White House.

What is the name of the weekend home of the president outside Washington dc?

top of Europe

What president was born near Washington DC?

George Washington was born the closest to Washington, DC.

What is Batistas hometown?

Washington DC

What city was president Wilson in when he had a stroke?

He was home at the White House in Washington, DC. when the stroke hit him.

What state does the president live in the us?

During their term as president, they will live in Washington, D.C.

What did the president do last night?

He came back home to Washington DC from Fort Brag, North Carolina.

Why did the president have to live in Washington DC?

the white house is in Washigton DC

Mount vermon was the home of which president?

George Washington was the owner of the Mount Vernon estate located in Virginia along the Polomac River about 10-miles upstream from Washington, DC.

Who has the ultimate control of Washington DC?

The president

Who is Washington D.C.'s president?

The president of Washington DC, is the President of the United States, currently Barack Obama.

What is the residence of the president?

The White House, located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington DC, is the official home and principal workplace of the US President.