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During the Dark Ages, cloth in Europe was made out of wool or linen. It was laborious to make and very expensive.

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Q: During the dark ages what did the Europeans make cloth out of?
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What did Europeans of the Dark Ages make cloth from?

During the Dark Ages, or Early Middle Ages, most European cloth was either wool or linen. Cloth was also made from cotton and silk, though these were really only worn by wealthy people as for most Europeans they were imports.

Who controlled the western Europe during the dark ages?

The Roman Catholic Church.

The period during the Middle Ages when Europeans struggled to achieve the prosperous lifestyle of the Roman Empire is known as the?

Dark ages

Rome before the dark ages vs during the dark ages?

Before. Rome fell in 410 AD which started the "dark ages"

Why did Athens emerge from the Dark Ages as a leading polis?

It had provided a safe haven during the Dark Ages

Did William rule during the renaissance or the dark ages?

He gained his crown in 1066 which is the start of the middle ages ( what you call the "dark ages").

Why were the Muslims more advanced than the western europeans?

I don't believe that Muslims were ever more advanced than Western Europeans. Perhaps during the Dark Ages, when Europe was basically isolated from the entire world and basically frozen in time.

What time periods was characterized by a low level of learning and culture in Europe?

the dark agedark agesThe dark agesThe Dark Ages

Was medieval theatre during the dark ages?

your dumb

What happend during the fall of rome?

The dark ages

What was the focus during the renaissance?

A rebirth from the Dark Ages.

What was the main type of government during the dark ages?

Kingdoms were the form of government during the Middle Ages