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He didn't say that in a debate, but in the Gettysburg Address. It is probably one of the greatest speeches any president has given.

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Q: During which debates did Abraham Lincoln state a house divided against itself cannot stand?
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Who said these words in a speech in1858 A house divided against itself cannot stand I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free?

Abraham Lincoln

What did Lincoln mean by saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand?

He was making a reference to the 12 states that left the union. Hence "a house divided" and he meant that if it stayed that way the nation couldn't stay a nation.

What are 2 events involving Abraham Lincoln that led to the breakup of the nation?

Lincoln did not believe in slavery, and when he was elected president in 1860, 7 states had left the Union. This was the beginning of the division of the United States. So one event was his election. The start of the Civil War in 1861 is another. This almost officially divided the USA into two teams or sides.

Who said a house divided on its own cannot stand?

Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address.

To what did Abraham Lincoln refer when he said A house divided against itself cannot stand?

to ffollow carlos aguirre on twitter @aguirrecarlos54Answer:The wise President was quoting the Bible... applying it to the divisive, destructive state of the union at that time that threatened to tear the United States apart."...'Every kingdom divided against itself WILL BE RUINED, and EVERY CITY or HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF WILL NOT STAND..." (Matt.12:25 NIV).This is a prime example of "ONENESS" -- working TOGETHER for a "worthy" moral purposetoward the common goal of prosperity and success of everyone... as opposed to "every man for himself."Which is a guaranteed road to destruction. [like the road the nations of the world are on today]President Lincoln was merely uttering a "statement of fact" from God's Word, the Bible [the Truth; John 17:17], as a witness and warning to the nation... probably amid his prayers and crying out to God for His Mercy on the blinded, deceived nation. Hoping that He might open the eyes of the nation, that it might turn to Him "as one" in repentance... and for forgiveness. Not "divided and defeated."

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Who was the politician who said a house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln

Which president said a house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln President said a house divided against itself cannot stand.

What was the conflict Abraham Lincoln was referring to when he spoke of a divided house in 1858?

During the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858, Lincoln used the "House divided against itself" statement as a reference to the issue of slavery. Lincoln was saying in effect that as long as the nation was fighting over the slavery issue, it would cause great harm to itself.

who said, "a house divided against itself cannot stand"?

The original quote is from the Gospel of St. Mark: "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand." It was borrowed by Abraham Lincoln.

What was Lincoln trying to say in the Lincoln Douglas debate?

Abraham Lincoln was debating Stephen Douglas who was a great orator and known for his ability to compromise. Lincoln was trying to say that sometimes you can't compromise. His words were, "A house divided against itself can not stand." The public wasn't ready to listen to Lincoln and Douglas won the debates.

What was Abraham Lincoln's famous quotation?

"A house divided against itself cannot stand"

Who said the quote A house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln

What are some of Abraham Lincoln's famous speeches?

One of Abraham Lincoln's most famous speeches is his second inaugural address. Another was, of course, the Gettysburg Address. An earlier speech of note is his House Divided against itself cannot stand.

What are 7 expiriences that made Abraham Lincoln important?

Abraham Lincoln was able to unite a nation that was deeply divided when he took over.

Why did Abraham Lincoln meant by saying a house divided against itself cannot stand they believe this government cannot endure permanently has to leave at hospital?

When Abraham Lincoln said that a house divided against itself could not stand, he was referring to the issue of slavery. He did not believe the US government could endure operating with one half allowing slavery and the other not.

In 1858 Abraham Lincoln defeated Stephen Douglass in the us senate race?

No. But Lincoln gained national notice from their debates, and in those debates got Douglas staked out to positions regarding slavery that helped Douglas win the Senate seat in 1858, but helped Lincoln win the presidency in 1860, when he again ran against Douglas. So Lincoln lost the battle, but won the war. Lincoln's "House Divided" speech from the 1858 debates is a classic of American history. Lincoln did not have speech writers either. He spoke from the heart, and very eloquently. We haven't had politicians with the guts to do that, or, for that matter, who HAVE principles they believe in that much (beyond "vote for me!"), in a very long, sad time.

How was Abraham Lincoln in union?

No, he wasn't, ha didn't even want to fight, he didn't think about black freedom, but the nation was divided, as he said a nation divided against itself, cannot satnd