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As early as 1817, the executive agreement became an instrument of major foreign policy acts. US President James Monroe arranged with Great Britain how naval forces of both nations would deal with operations on the Great Lakes. Monroe's agreement with Great Britain was based on an Act in 1815, authorizing the president to handle affairs between the two countries regarding the Great lakes. Monroe then took this executive privilege to make this agreement without specific authorization from Congress.

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Usually pertaining to administrative matters.

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Q: Example of executive agreement
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What is an example of an executive agreement?

An executive agreement is defined as being an agreement which is made between the president and a foreign country. One example of an executive agreement was NAFTA.

Agreement between the president and the leader of another country?

executive agreement executive agreement

Which is an example of informal constitution change by executive action?

The President makes an executive agreement with Another Country instead of a formal treaty

Is the president making an executive agreement an example of the checks and balances system?

yes it is!

The president can bypass the senate by making an?

executive agreement or executive orders

How is an executive agreement from a treaty?

An executive agreement does not require Senate approval.

How is an executive agreement different from treaty?

An executive agreement does not require Senate approval.

What is the difference between executive agreement and the treaty?

The executive agreement is like setting the rules for the treaty.

What action does not require congressional approval?

An executive agreement is an example of an action that does not require congressional approval. It is an agreement by heads of government, and is less formal than a treaty.

What is an agreement between heads of states?

executive agreement

How can Congress change or amend an executive agreement?

Congress can pass a joint resolution revoking an executive agreement.

Why was the Iran Nuclear Agreement an executive agreement?

The Iran Nuclear Agreement was an executive agreement because Obama chose to name it an executive agreement. There is nothing in the Agreement that makes it an executive agreement as opposed to a treaty, but Obama was well aware that a treaty requires two-thirds approval by the Senate and he could not count on two-thirds of Senators approving the agreement. As a result, he chose to make it an executive agreement, which only needs an up or down vote from half of the senators.