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executive agreement or executive orders

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executive agreement :)

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Q: The president can bypass the senate by making an?
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Can the president bypass Congress in any of his appointments?

The president cannot bypass a Constitutionally mandated consent to an appointment. Congress has authorized the president to make certain appointments without Senate approval, but that does not mean that the president is bypassing the Senate. In addition, the president may make temporary appointments when the Senate is not in session, but those are must eventually be confirmed when the Senate reconvenes.

If a bill is passed unanimously in the senate does it bypass the house and go directly to the president?


An agreement between the president and a leader of another country that can bypass the senate is called what?


How can the president bypass the senate's power over treaties?

make an executive agreement instead

What does The senate participate with the president in making?


Presides over the senate in the absence of the vice president?

The President pro tempore of the Senate presides over the Senate in the absence of the Vice President. This position is usually held by the most senior member of the majority party in the Senate. The President pro tempore has the authority to lead the Senate and perform duties such as recognizing members to speak, making parliamentary rulings, and directing the legislative process.

Which has the responsibitlty of making nominations for public office?

The President, and then the U.S. Senate approves then.

What official is the president of the senate?

The Vice President is the president of the Senate.

How official is the president of the senate?

The president of the senate is the Vice President.

Who is the leader of the senate when they are in session?

The U.S. Vice President is the President of the Senate. When he/she is absent or acting as President, the Senate President Pro Tempore is in charge.

Is the vice president chosen by senate?

No, but he or she is the president of the Senate.

Who is the president of the state senate?

The president of the state Senate is the presiding officer of a Senate. He is the successor of powers and responsibilities of the President.