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England is part of the United Kingdom. The government of the United Kingdom is a constitutional Monarchy. The laws are made by a democratically elected parliament.

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Q: Form of government of england
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What form of government does England have?

I think England would be a monarchy

What form of government did England have in 1920?

In 1920, England was part of the UK's parliamentary system of government

What is the main form of government is England?

There is none, England is under the control of the British government.

Americans adopted the republican form of government from?


What is the form of government in England?

Parliamentary First past the post.

What is the current form of government being used in England?


Where parliamentary form of government exists?

England and Germany both have it.

What form of government does Tudor England have?

ok i do this answer in my class and me class get answer monarchy

In what form of government is the Queen Head of State?

England has a Constitutional Monarchy.

The Magna Carta paved the way for a parliamentary form of government in?


How did England's form of government change after 1688?

the power shifted to the kings

What form of government did England establish during glorious Revolution?

the form of government England established during the glorious revolution was a constitutional monarchy. which means the powers of the ruler are restricted by the constitution and the laws of the country.