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yes George Washington wanted to see the country he loved to be free of British rule

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Q: George Washington worked hard to get the US Constitution .?
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How did George Washington help the founding of the US?

Washington was active in the congresses that preceded the Revolution. He commanded the Colonial military forces during the war and worked hard to keep them supplied and equipped. He chaired the Constitutional Convention and served as the first president under the new constitution. He was truly the father of his country.

Why does George Washington have the character he does?

Because he worked hard as a young lad, had to verbally fight for what he believed in and was expected to. These days it is not expected of most of my friends.

How does George Washington Carver influences you to become better?

How does George Washington Carver influences you?George washinton carver influence me by how he made peanut butter,soil beans,and etc. he is a smart man that worked hard for wat he wanted.and i am proud to be writing this now.

How has George Washington influenced others and the community?

he influenced others by showing them how he works hard and how he worked hard that they awarded him by begin the president of the u.s

What is the bibliography of George Washington?

Do you mean a BIOGRAPHY of George Washington? Bibliography means the sites or books that helped you find info on, in this case, George Washington. A biography of George Washington is where well.... Ask your teacher or something cause its hard to explain what a bioraphy is.

How did George Washington take his fathers death?

very hard

Did George Washington have a family when he was fifty?

He might of but it might be hard to find out.

What important thing did James Madison do for America?

He worked very very hard to see the constitution be ratified

What was hard for George Washington growing up?

It's not known what was hard for George Washington when he was growing up because most of his childhood isn't well documented. It is know, however, that he lost his father when he was 11 and was raised by his brother and his wife afterwards.

Who was a better president Jefferson or Washington?

George Washington was no doubt more successful as president, but John Adams really did not have much of a chance to better Washington. Washington was hard to top.

Was George Washington nice or mean president?

No . . . George Washington was tall and very muscular. George had a lot of character and integrity. He worked most of his life to help other people. One example is his tireless promotion of a free university for the colonists and the brand new American citizens. He campaigned during his public life for farmers to free their slaves. He was a very honest person also. George worked hard to not be named the King of America, and he did not want to be president, feeling that others, like John Adams would be a better choice.I would not agree that George was a "Meanie". He certainly was not fat.

Did George Washington wrote the constitution?

George Washington played an extremely important role in the framing of the US Constitution, and he probably made some important suggestions for it to others during the recesses of the Constitutional Convention (May to September, 1787). But Washington was the President of the Convention, and he believed it was his job to remain impartial, not favoring any one side in the many arguments that arose during the Convention. Although he did not write the Constitution, he signed it to make it official. Moreover, when the framers were deciding just what the qualifications and powers of the President of the US should be, they seem to have patterned the office after the first person to hold it - George Washington. In fact, neither he nor Benjamin Franklin took direct part in the debates over the elements of the Constitution, but evidence strongly suggests that both men worked very hard behind the scenes to calm the furious tempers which erupted during the summer months of 1787 in Philadelphia, PA. Many of the ideas making up the Constitution were provided by James Madison, the 4th President of the US, and Gouveneur (his actual first name!) Morris of Pennsylvania is credited with providing most of the legal language we find in the document.