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United Nations Day isn't solely an American holiday but a holiday celebrating all of the peoples that came together to form the United Nations. It was the United Nations General Assembly that established the holiday in 1948. The date set for the holiday is October 24th, the same day that the United Nations Charter was adopted in 1945.

United Nations Day is just one of the events that take place during United Nations Week which runs every year from October 20-24th. United Nations Day isn't just a holiday to celebrate the beginning of the organization. Its purpose is more to uphold what the United Nations stands for; international economical development, security, social progress, human rights and world peace.

Though none of the dozens of UN member states are required to recognize the holiday, the General Assembly did request it in 1971. Since 1946, even before its official inception, every year the U.S. President has proclaimed a United Nations Day. There are also various learning institutions and international schools across the world that recognize and celebrate United Nations Day as a day to show pride in their cultural diversity.

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Q: Group of states independent in local matters but united under one central government for other purposes?
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