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Q: How Lincoln dealt with secession?
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What was the policy of Lincoln prior to secession during the secession crisis and when he became President?

Federal Right

What were the events that led to the secession of the confederate states?

The issues that led to the secession had been festering for a long time, but it was the election of Abraham Lincoln that precipitated the secession.

Was Lincoln right or wrong about the issue of secession?

He was right.

What view on secession did President Lincoln share with outgoing President James Buchanan?

Both presidents Lincoln and Buchanan believed that secession was unconstitutional. They did differ, however, on one important point. Buchanan, unlike Lincoln, however, did not believe that the federal government had the constitutional power to resist secession through the use of force.

President Lincoln's strategy regarding secession focused on?

Lincolnbelieved the Southern Secession should be met with force. Lincolnthought it was illegal.

Abraham Lincoln thought secession was?

As illegal and a violation of the US Constitution.

What event turned the secession crisis into a civil war?

The election of Lincoln as president.

Abraham Lincoln declared what in Baltimore to prevent marylands secession?

Martial Law

What major events led to the secession of the southern states from the union?

Lincoln's Presidency

What major event led the secession of the southern state from the union?

Lincoln's Presidency

What argument did southern states base secession on?

Slavery and the election of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln's counterpart adversary in the crisis of the secession was?

President Jefferson Davis.