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In the United States criminals are

  • put to death
  • put into prisons with varying degrees of security
  • forced to pay monetary fines
  • forced to do community service
  • required to attend special classes or rehab meetings and counseling sessions
  • may have licenses revoked and privileges removed as may be appropriate for their crime.
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Q: How are criminals punished today?
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Are tax offenders punished to the same degree of criminals why or why not?

are tax offenders punished to the same degree as other criminals? why or why not

Should criminals be cured or be punished?

they should be punished (add) ,punishment is the cure.

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How should canada deal with war criminals?

War criminals should be punished according to the crimes they have committed.

What is societies view of rehabilitating criminals compared to Victorian Times?

Today in prisons we treat criminals a lot different because today we try and give them a qualification such as english, Maths, Science etc. They do this so they fit straight into society, But victorian times they punished them physically to make it hard for them

What can you offer to explore the debate motion that criminals are wicked and deserve punishment?

Arguments in favour of the motion:a) Criminals deserve punishment as they are wicked. If they are not punished they will continue committing crime which will destabilize the society. Appropriate punishment will act as deterrent for the criminals to take to the path of crime.b) If criminals are not punished for their crimes it will be an injustice to the victims.c) Criminals deserve punishment as they cannot be reformed without being punished.d) Since the doer of good work is rewarded with appreciation then it follows that evil doer like criminals is awarded with punishment.e) If criminals are not punished people will not differentiate between criminal and non-criminal activities.

Can criminals lead an honest life after being punished?

Yes. Everyone deserves a chance.

Criminals are wicked and ought to be punisheddebate against the motion?

criminals should be punished severely but before punishing we should try to know why they dd so

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Many high-ranking Nazi war criminals were captured, tried, and punished after World War II. However, some lower-level war criminals may still be living today, but they would be very old. Efforts to bring them to justice continue.

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they were handled different by the money they had the more the more punished