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they would put peanut butter on a rope and wait for criminals to come

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Q: What methods of catching criminals were available to police in 1910?
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What Is A Wiretap?

A wiretap is a term that generally describes the activity of listening in on someone's phone conversation. This can be done legally by the police using a court order or illegally by criminals. The term "wiretap" derives from the fact that they attach wires to a circuit in the phone lines and so they are tapping into the electronic signal.

What are the benefits to the rights of bear arms?

there are many benefits. criminals will always have weapons so by giving people the right to bear arms the law abiding or those that arr at risk of being victims can protect themselves in times of danger. Its also a deterant it prevents lots of crime in the first place. its also a deterant to keep other countries or corrupt police to do wrong.

What was the Boston police strike for?

wat caused the Boston police strike?

Why is fire and police left to local government? have a quick evaluation system for the fire and police

What was the great social experiment that brought about the Eighteenth Amendment?

Prohibition. It was an experiment in that it tested whether morality could be legislated. Instead, it created organized crime. People who really wanted to drink or was addicted to alcohol would find a way to get it, and there were people willing to make it. Sure, making alcoholic beverages was illegal, but if you could do so and avoid getting caught, it was a way to make a huge amount of money. Then groups of criminals realized that if they paid police officers to look the other way, they would have an edge over those who didn't bribe the police. Nowadays, the war on drugs is just an extension of what started with the prohibition of alcohol, and the resulting problems are about the same.

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What are police cars made for?

ummm...catching criminals maybe?

What does ip stand for in UK police dramas?

In UK police dramas, "IP" typically stands for "Investigative Process," referring to the team's methods and procedures for solving crimes and catching criminals. It encompasses interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, analyzing data, and developing leads to advance the investigation.

What are the advantages of a virus?

1--------------It Can Be Used By Police To Find Criminals........ 2--------------- Criminals computer has all information the police wants.....

Does a police officer have a fiduciary duty to the public?

No. The police officer has a duty to protect the public from the criminals. Criminals are also part of the public, and the police do not have to help the criminals make good decisions. Police interrogators are not required to assist criminal suspects, but instead are permitted to trick them into confessing.

How does the police help reduce crimes?

Surveillance can help identify leading criminals, therefore allowing the police to detain them. This is also offputting to other would-be criminals.

What do police shout at criminals?

stop in the name of law

What are the release dates for Police Tech - 2008 Catching a Crook?

Police Tech - 2008 Catching a Crook was released on: USA: 10 March 2008

Why the police are failing?

none of the police are failing though some are not catching up to what they have to do:):):)

Is The thief Being Caught. change to active voice?

Are the police catching the thief. active - The police caught the thief. passive - The thief was caught

How did the invention of the thumbprint help us?

Being able to match a thumbprint left on a piece of evidence to a suspect allowed police to positively identify criminals who may have gotten away without these methods of proof.

What are the most problems police officers have?

The most problems is criminals

Where was there 6 police death in gunfight against criminals?