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Q: How can you use the word 'veto' in a sentence about the executive branch?
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How do you use the word executive branch in a sentence?

Example sentence - The executive branch of the government has again disappointed the masses.

What is a word to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law?


How does the executive check the powers of the other 2 branches?

The president , who leads the executive branch, can veto legislation. Just the threat of a veto has influence on the laws proposed and passed . The president can put pressure on individual Congress members to vote the way he wants . He can reward those that help him, for example by releasing funds to his district, making the appointments the Congressman wants and campaigning and fund-raising for him. Just doing a little stroking can make a big impression on an obscure Congressmen. He can also punish those who cross him by withholding his favors. Just the hint of a threat may suffice, especially with members of his own party. The president also enjoys what T. Roosevelt called a bully pulpit. He can influence public opinion the way the FDR did in his fireside chats. He can sell his legislative program and get people to pressure their Congressmen to vote for it. Congressmen are extremely sensitive to public opinion in their own districts. Finally, the President has a lot of lee-way in the way he enforces or applies the laws passed by Congress. He issues executive orders to the federal employees who staff the federal agencies and these order have the effect of law.

What is one way the executive branch influences fiscal policy?

The legislative branch (Congress) approves the executive's (President's) proposals or come up with their own policy for money use. An example is the federal budget which Congress passes and acts on tax and spending legislation.

What is executive manager?

It's a three-word phrase with no semantic content

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How do you use the word executive branch in a sentence?

Example sentence - The executive branch of the government has again disappointed the masses.

How do you use the word 'veto' in a sentence?

The President can veto laws made by the legislative branch. The President can veto a law because he thinks it is unneeded.

What is a sentence using the word executive branch?

Example sentence - We requested the assistants contact the executive branch for their lunch orders, which would be served during the meetings.

What is a good sentence with the word veto in it?

The President will veto the bill and pass it to congress.

How do you write a sentence using the word veto?

The president is likely to veto our new tax law.

What is another word for the executive branch?


How do use the word branch in a sentence?

At the park, I started swinging on a branch.

What word is used to describe a two part legislative branch?

judicial executive

How do you use the word executive power in a sentence?

I hold the executive power over this corporation.I will do everything in my executive power to resolve this.

How can you use the word item veto in a sentence?

My father has many amusing items from 1980's.

Example of a sentence using the word executive?

Since the boss is not here at the moment, I will have to make an "executive decision".

What is a good sentence using the word pocket veto?

Not wanting to offend certain constituencies, the President solved the problem of the bill the congress passed by the use of a pocket veto.