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Q: How could power remain with the people?
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Why did Washington advise the nation to remain neutral in world affairs?

Washington advised the nation to remain neutral in world affairs because he felt America wasn't strong enough to battle a major European power. He also didn't think America could afford it financially.

If the expansion of presidential power has occured because of political events and has been fostered by public opinoon under what circumstances might presidential power be limited?

The same circumstances could limit the power as well. The people just need to take back the power from those in charge.

Disadvantages about plutocracy?

Since Plutocracy is a government ran by the wealthy, there could be a few disadvantages but also there could be some advantages, also. Disadvantages: Wealthy People running a government can be a bad idea. They could make people pay more money for taxes, and they could make people pay more for cars and anything in stores. Advantages: Wealthy people running a government could also be a good idea. Knowing that wealthy people can cherish their money and not want to give it away, they could higher people to make money for them so that there will be less taxes and more money towards employed people.

What is a word for seize power?

It could be overthrow. Revolution and rebellion take more time, but power could still be seized.

Why was the Albany plan never adopted?

It was not adopted because each of the colonies wanted its own power, and the people thought that they could rely on the British soldiers.

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Why do politians always think they are above Godonce they are elected?

Power corrupts. Very few people have the integrity to remain aloof to the trappings of power

Why does authoritarian governments remain in power today?

Dictators (aka authoritarians) tend to remain in power - until they die - as long as the people they oppress despair of getting anything better. Revolutions start with rising expectations, when the people begin to get some hope of improving their situation. Those dictators who are still holding on to power are those who successfully deny their people hope.

What was Abigail Williams use of power?

Her use of power was that she could use people and have them do what she said, with that she made so many people do her willing. She was to busy trying to get her revenge. She could manipulate people that was her use of power.

Why is Bashar al-Assad killing people?

Bashar Al-Assad is killing people because he wants to remain in power and the people will make him not president anymore.

What is the opposite of migrate?

it is a movement of people and there is no opposite. Perhaps reside, or remain in situ could be used the opposite of immigrate is emigrate

What power did ra have?

amon re had a power that he could kill other people if they looked at him!!

Is you people dumb on this website?

I suggest you remain and read more. Perhaps it would improve your English. Many people here could assist.

Why would people in positions of authority reject new ideas?

Power is maintained by those who have authority in society. Those in power want to remain in powere and will use their hegemony to do so.

Could you translate power to the people as vires pro populus?

No, that's more like strength to the people. Potestatem pro populus would be power to the people

Which Arab leader was responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people in his country as he attempted to remain in power. Bashar al-assad?

Bashar al-Assad

How did peter the great increased his power?

He increase his power, so could force people to make the changes he wanted.

Why did they choose the constitutional government?

My View:The founding Fathers were a truly exceptional group of men. They: Understood that they were very powerful and important people.That most important and powerful people will be corrupted by their powerThat only by making the general population the real power in a country can you offset the power of the powerfulThat by creating a Constitution that was difficult to change they could insure that we the people remain the real power.So they were exceptional because they limited their own power so that those that followed were limited also.