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Q: How did Bradford describes American Indians whom the puritans encounter with?
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Who was the leader of the puritans while finding the massachutsetts bay?

William Bradford

What writer used puritans plain style and typology?

William Bradford

Who were Important people Massachusetts colony?

william bradford

The Puritans fled England for the Netherlands in 1608 with their leaders John Robinson and who?

William Bradford.

What did William Bradford did to become famous?

William Bradford established Plymouth. A town for Puritans escaping the non-religious tolerance of King James 1

Two writing styles or techniques typical of Puritans such as William Bradford are?

The plain style and typology

In search of religious freedom the Puritans fled England for the Netherlands in 1608 with their leaders John Robinson and?

William Bradford.

To whom was William Bradford reffering to when he used the term saint to describe some of his fellow voyagers at sea?


William Bradford and other Pilgrims or Puritans wrote in the Puritan?

William Bradford, Pilgrims and Puritans wrote in a plain style, not showing ornateness, which was frowned upon by both faiths. The writing reflected the character of those who would be reading the essays or diaries. In general, many topics were of a religious theme.

What did puritans want to find in American?

The Puritans were seeking religious freedom.

Which of these most closely describes the Puritans?

The Puritans were a religious group in 16th and 17th century England who sought to reform the Church of England. They believed in living a moral and austere life based on strict adherence to the Bible. Puritans played a significant role in the settlement and development of the American colonies.

What phrase best describes the Puritans of Plymouth?