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It didn't because slavery didn't cause a rift in the very societal structure like it did later on

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Q: How did Constitutional Convention affect slavery?
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How did the constitutional convention affect slavery?

It permitted Congress to outlaw the importation of slaves in 1808.

At the Constitutional Convention the question of slavery?

At the Constitutional Convention the question of slavery discussed at length. In the end, however, it was decided that the practice would continue.

What did the Framers not settle at the Constitutional Convention?


Who were all the delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

the abolition of slavery

What did delegates to the Constitutional Convention about slavery?

nothing. They agreed to keep slavery and kick out the British

What issues were resolved at the constitutional convention?

slavery and the deffinition of a citizen

How did the Constitutional Convention deal with slavery?

The Constitutional Convention dealt with slavery issue in a conclusive manner. The addressed the rights of the slaves and their right to own property among other contentious issues.

What question did Rufus King ask at the constitutional convention?

he talked about slavery

What state made slavery illegal at the time of the Constitutional convention?


What did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention?

nothing. They agreed to keep slavery and kick out the British

What did the constitutional convention do about the importation of slaves?

It allowed slavery where approved by the citizens of a state

Why historian interpretation was slavery a problem?

Because the men at the constitutional convention never considered getting rid of slavery