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If Cornwallis de cided to not stop to pick up the needed supplies, and if it wasn't for American spy James Armistead, we might have lost the war. But America and France attack ed with over 16, 000 highly trained men and France navy warships blocked the British supply ship from getting to the Americas.

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Q: How did Cornwallis is a decision to stop Yorktown lead to Great Britain defeat?
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What was Cornwallis's view on Yorktown?

He was very angry at the time because he knew he couldn't defeat gorge Washington.

Why did Cornwallis go to Yorktown?

Cornwallis feared his army would be totally annihilated by the French and Americans who threatened to bomb Yorktown. Cornwallis was so humiliated to surrender, he stated he was sick and sent a second-in-command officer to surrender Cornwallis sword.

What was the Patriots strategy for defeating British at Yorktown?

Washington wanted to get the British out of New York City but the recently arrived French Commander, Comte de Rochambeau, had to get his fleet to the carribean by October so he convinced Washington that it would be easier for the French Fleet to assist in the attack further south where Cornwallis was in Yorktown with 9000 British soldiers, where he had fewer soldiers than the occupation of New York City. The plan was for the French Commander to defeat the British fleet at the battle of Chesapeake (which succeeded in early September) and thus blocked any escape by sea for Cornwallis. Washington sent the French General Lafayette to contain Cornwallis until he and his forces could arrive (which he did). So the combined attack at Yorktown by land and by sea left no choice for Cornwallis but to surrender.

What did york town have to do with the Revolutionary War?

The town of Yorktown, Virginia, is connected to the Revolutionary War insofar as it is there that the war's victorious conclusion for the American Patriots was ensured. In 1781, a mixed French-American force trapped and then fought into surrender a large British army led by Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown. It is this defeat that led the British to give up the fight against the Colonies.

What role did Charles Cornwallis play in the American revolution?

Cornwallis lead British troops during the Revolution and was the one to surrender in October 19, 1781. Cornwallis won the victory at dorchester heights, and wanted washington to surrender, but washington did not. His army was tired after nathaniel green's army chased his army to yorktown, virginia.

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When did the Americans defeat the British in Yorktown?

The Americans defeat the British in Yorktown in 1715.

Where did charles Cornwallis surrendeedr which ended in the defeat of the british?

Yorktown Virginia

What mistake did General Cornwallis that led to the defeat of the British Army?

Yorktown Pennsylvania from brilover1234567

What made Thomas Sumter famous during the Revolutionary War?

Sumter helped get Cornwallis out of the Carolinas, leading to Cornwallis' eventual defeat in Yorktown.

Why was Cornwallis's defeat at Yorktown important?

It was important because they didn't haft to listen to him any more

What was Cornwallis's view on Yorktown?

He was very angry at the time because he knew he couldn't defeat gorge Washington.

What was the importance of the battle of Yorktown?

—After 3 weeks of bombardment from Washington General Cornwallis surrendered Yorktown. Yorktown was an important strategies fort commercially because of its ports. The battle of Yorktown led to the victory of the Patriots.It was the last battle of the Civil War where the British surrendered to the U.S.The Battle of Yorktown was important because it was part of the American Revolution and a lot of the outcomes of the Battle of Yorktown affected the outcome of our independence and the revolutionary war.AnswerThe battled of Yorktown is important because it ended the Revolutionary War. George Washington and the French took over Cornwallis's camp of 5,000 men. Cornwallis lost power of Virginia and was forced to surrender.

What was the fight that marked Great Britain's defeat in the Revolution?

Battle of yorktown

What battle broke the will of the British to defeat Americans?

the british surrendered to Washington at Yorktown but the were defeated many other times. a truly demoralizing battle was probably the crossing of the Delaware.

What was the fighting that marked great Britain's defeat in the revolution called?

Battle of Yorktown

British commander who lost at Yorktown?

Charles Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, however, instead of doing it in person, he sent Charles O'Hara to do it for him.Ema GibbinsThanks so much you'r a life saverWho was the British general surrendered at York Town?

Caused the British defeat at Yorktown and the collapse of North's Tory government?

The trapping of Cornwallis between Washington's army and de Grasse's navy.