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Retiring from presidency, he returned to mount vernon in 1797 and devoted time to farming and distilling and became his new country's largest distiller of whiskey. You can now visit his restored distillery near Mount Vernon.

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he resigned

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Q: How did George Washington leave the office of president?
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How did Washington leave the office office of the president?

He resigned after 8 years.

Who was the first president to leave the continent while they were serving in office?

It was President Washington.

Who was the US President in the year 1743?

Nobody, not even George Washington. Everybody knows that because George Washington was President in 1789. While the previous answer is correct on saying there wasn't a president at the time, the answer lacks in the history of the office of the president. The first person elected to the office was Peyton Randolph in 1774 under the Continental Congress. He left office a month later, to come back and be re-elected four days later. There were 6 men who also held the office while the Continental Congress existed, to include people who are famous in history for other things. One example would be John Hancock. When an actual government system was established, it was done so under the Articles of Confederation. Under said articles, there were another 7 men who held the office of president. The list of men included Elias Boudinot from Maryland and John Hancock (again) from Massachusetts. Under both the Continental Congress and the Articles of Confederation the office was held for a year at a time. The shortest term was, as you might guess, four days by Henry Middleton when Peyton Randolph took leave back to Virginia during his term. Most historians consider John Hanson to be the first President of the United States because Peyton Randolph, and others in the Continental Congress held the office before a government system was in place. Either way, George Washington was the 8th or 14th.

was people sad to see Washington leave the office?

Sure why not such a good president

When did George Bush the President of the United States of America leave office?

George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, was in office for 8 years from 2001 to 2009. His father George H.W. Bush was in office from 1989 to 1993.

Why did George Washington leave the office?

He had a firm belief that a man should only serve a short time in office and then go home. After serving as president, Washington became his new country's largest distiller of whiskey. You can now visit his restored distillery near Mount Vernon.

How did president George W. Bush leave office?

he got drunk and he cussed out all the butlers

Did George Washington lose the election to John Adams?

No. George Washington was elected twice without a vote cast against him. He retired after his second term believing it important that he leave office alive, showing that a president would not be a lifetime appointment. Washington thereby set up the informal rule that a president should only serve two terms. John Adams defeated Thomas Jefferson to become the second President.

What do you call an elected official about to leave office?

A president about to leave office is referred to as a "Lame Duck" president.

Can a vice president leave office and run for president?

A vice-president does not have to resign his office in order to run for President. Martin Van Buren, Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey, George H. W. Bush and Al Gore all ran for President while holding the office of vice-president.

Was George Washington eager to leave mount vernon in 1789?

George Washington was eager to leave mount Vernon in 1789.

What problems did George Washington leave behind for the new president to solve?

There weren't many major issues that George Washington left behind for the next President of the United States. The idea of deciding exactly how many Cabinet members were needed to aid the President was left the John Adams.