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Q: How did Pericles encourage Athenians to take responsibility in government?
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Who was the lead general for the Athenians?

Pericles was the lead of Athens.

How did pericles deliver the message to athenians?

He killed himself

How did the Pericles change the Athenian society?

Pericles changed the Athenian society by proposing a new type of government to take effect. He wanted to start a democracy where all male Athenians could be involved with governmental decisions.

What is Pericles' opinion on Athenians who do not fulfil their responsibilities?

He said they were unfit to be citizens.

Would Pericles say that Athenians were a law-abiding people?

Pericles, the Athenian leader, was so proud of this city, because of the men.

Would pericles say that athenians were a law abiding people?

Pericles, the Athenian leader, was so proud of this city, because of the men.

What did Pericles do to encourage people to participate in government?

The Council and magistrates were selected by lot - drawn out of a barrel. During their year in office they were supported by the state.

During the Age of Pericles the Athenians became deeply attached to their political system of?

Direct Democracy

Why did Pericles order the Athenians inside the walls during the war with Sparta?

They did not want to have trouble from their allies.

Pericles Funeral Oration illustrates the importance ancient Athenians placed on individual participation in the what?

In the individual participation in the democracy

What was pericles failure?

The sparta's navy defeated defeated the Athenians navy :). Glad I could help!!

Who is the leader of encouraged people of his city to participate in government?

The leader was Pericles.