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Political machines make money by skimming the money from the voter and running candidates that would take kick backs, and do illegal deals with taxpayer money.

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Q: How did Political Machines make money?
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Why were political machines affected?

Thy count votes so it saves money on labor

People are more important than money machines and materials Why?

People are more important than money,machines and materials because human make those things.

These were organized groups that controlled the activities of a political party in a city?

political machines

What machines do they use to make money?

There are several machines that are used to make money. Some of them are an offset plate, an offset press, a transfer press, an intaglio printer and a jogger.

How much money do vending machines make at schools?

Schools get about $30,000 a year from vending machines.

Why did urban immigrants support political machines during the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

Recent immigrants relied on political machines for jobs.Urban bosses helped immigrants in criminal cases.Immigrants supported political machines politically

Why did immigrants support political machines during the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

The immigrants supported the political machines because being immigrants they needed money, places to live and things of that nature. the political machines took great advantage of this by giving them places to live, jobs, food in exchange for their votes on election day.

Where are people getting money from?

People get money from people or when they pay for something they can get change they make money from machines

How did the north make most of their money in the 1800s?

They start making machines

Do high schools make money of vending machine business?

Most high schools with vending machines do make money off of proceeds from vending machines on their campuses. However, laws passed in many states have banned vending machines in schools, so obviously high schools in those states no longer make money off of their vending machines or may only be able to have vending machines operating during non-school hours.

What played a major role in seeking and achieving economic equality for members?

political machines political machines

Who assist political machines?

edi the political people