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political machines

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Political machines

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Q: These were organized groups that controlled the activities of a political party in a city?
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Well-organized groups that controlled political elections and all decisions related to the workings of a city are known as which one of the following?

Political machines

What was it called when groups organized to back a political official?

political machine

The Palmer raids were organized to root out groups whose activities?

posed a clear danger to the country.

What organized interest groups apply pressure to government through?

lobbyist or political action committee

A key difference between political parties and interest groups is that although both are organized groups that seek to influence the government, unlike interest groups, political parties seek to influence government by?

electing its members to office

What political interest groups falls into the organized labor category?

A) N.E.A. page 26, 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence.

How are interest groups different from political parties?

Interest groups are different from political parties in the sense that they are the ones paying the political parties to help them represent certain views or get certain bills passed in their favor.

Organized interest groups enhance American democracy by doing what?

Representing the interests of large numbers of people and encouraging political participation.

Unconventional political activities are most likely to be used by?

Groups that have been denied access to the normal channels of influence.

What is the College Major of Sociology?

Sociology is the study of social behavior among a variety of groups including cultures, religious groups, political groups and other organized groups. A college degree in sociology can lead to a career as a sociologist or political scientist. The work of these professionals helps organizations understand how social influences affect the behavior of individuals and groups of people.

What Organized interest groups enhance American democracy by?

These can include the political parties. People are able to vote on the people that they want in office. Interest groups also help to keep things honest.

How did corruption and graft lead to middle-class reformers?

it might be because it offered jobs and money to people who gave their vote to organized groups that controlled the activity of a city