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From the autumn of 1986 through the end of his presidency in January 1989 President Reagan was in fact moving steadily closer to a working accommodation with Mr. Gorbachev, conducting a series of summit meetings and signing a major arms control agreement.

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Q: How did Ronald Reagan's actions contribute to the end of the cold war?
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What was Reagans greatest accomplishment?

Ending the Cold War.

What did George H W Bush have to do with the cold war?

The Cold War ended during President George H. W. Bush's administration, largely as a result of actions taken by his predecesor, Ronald Reagan.

What was Ronald regans age during the cold war?

Ronald Reagan was around 70 years old during the cold war. But it also depends what cold war you are talking there were 5 cold wars.

What was Ronald Reagan's role in the Cold War?

Winning it

How did Ronald Reagan helped the cold war?

hes stupid

How did Ronald Reagan end the Cold War?

hes stupid

Who were the leaders of the US during the cold war?

They are Ronald Regan and Eisenhower

Was Ronald Reagan on the east or west side of the cold war?

The West.

Who was the only inaugaration to fall on a Super Bowl Sunday?

Technically, Ronald Reagans 2nd term ignauguration fell on the same date as Super Bowl XIX. Hpwever, since the 2oth was a sunday, Reagan has a small private ceremony at the White House. There was a second, public, ignauguration held indoors (because of freezing cold temperatures) at the Capitol January 21, 1985.

Was Ronald Reagen president when there was the the cold war?

The cold war ended happily for the US while Reagan was President.

Who helped the Cold War by building up us Military?

Ronald Reagan

What was ronald reagon known for?

He ended the cold war and kept the economy stable