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Q: How did Roosevelt change the role of government in the economy?
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How did Franklin roosevelt presidency transform the government?

his presidency increased the role of government in the American economy

What refers to President Franklin Roosevelt's economic program to increase the government's role in the economy?

New Deal

How did Franklin Roosevelt's presidency change the U.S. government?

He increased the government's role in the lives of citizens.

Franklin Roosevelt helped change the American Government by?

increasing its role in the lives of citizens

How did Theodore roosevelt illustrate a change in the government role?

For the first time, the federal government stepped in to help workers in a labor dispute. NovaNet.

Theodore Roosevelt improve federal government?

Increasing number of people supported expanding the role of the federal government to ensure the welfare of people. Roosevelt believed the federal government should act as a "trustee" for the American people, by controlling and supervising the economy in the public interest.

What is the role of the government in a market economy?

The government ensures that companies aren't abusing their power. If they are found to be doing so, the government steps in to change regulations.

How does the gov't play both a direct and an indirect role in the economy?

A direct role involves the government passing laws or carrying out policies that change or affect the economy, like issuing taxes. An indirect role is a government change that inadvertently affects the economy, like wars in the Middle East affecting oil prices. The government didn't raise oil prices, but the conflict caused the leaders with whom we are at war to raise prices on our imports.

What role do you think the government should play in the economy?

No role the government should play.

What is the government's role in the economy?

This answer is that the governments role is very little

Pennsylvania coal miners went on strike in 1902 how did Roosevelt respond in illustrate a change in the government's role?

seized the mines

How did John Maynard Keynes view government's role in the economy?

He advocated a strong role of govt. in managing the economy...