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King was an opponent of slavery and introduced a resolution in the Continental Congress to prohibit slavery in the Northwest Territory.

i have no idea i cant even find it on my report :(

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Q: How did Rufus King feel about slavery?
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What question did Rufus King ask at the constitutional convention?

he talked about slavery

Who proposed the banning of slavery in the new US terrtory?

Congressman Rufus King proposed the banning of slavery in the new Us territory in 1785. Rufus was the congressman of Massachusetts.

Who was the new york senator who opposed any expansion of slavery?

Rufus King

Why is rufus king school named after Rufus King?

it is named like that because Rufus king was important

What philosophies influenced Rufus King?

Rufus King

Did king rufus sign the Declaration of Independence?

No, Rufus King did not sign the Declaration of Independence. However, Rufus King of Massachusetts did sign the Constitution.

When was Rufus King born?

Rufus King was born on March 24, 1755.

What is Rufus King's birthday?

Rufus King was born on March 24, 1755.

When was Rufus King Polk born?

Rufus King Polk was born in 1866.

When did Rufus King Polk die?

Rufus King Polk died in 1902.

When was Rufus King Waddle born?

Rufus King Waddle was born in 1816.

When did Rufus King Waddle die?

Rufus King Waddle died in 1878.