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u yfr fj guyj yg ygrugeh ipaqe

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Q: How did Sargon 1 begin to build his empire?
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How did Sargon 1 created the first empire?

he had lots of soldiers and they all defeted the city states and then he was able to build his first empire.i am not shore of this answer

What were some achievements of the akkadians?

They were the first empires to ever exist in the Akkadian times. This was posted by Patricia , Anthony, Matti , Nicky , Brittany , Shiv . We are from Zoller School. As well as from class 45

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What are two technologies that helped the Hittites build the empire?

1: Chariots 2: Iron weapons

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Did sargon get married and have kids?

yes 1 daughter and 4 sons

What city state rose to power after the death of sargon 1?


List in order the people who ruled mesopotamia?

1. Akkadian 2. Babylon 3. Sargon 4. Hammudabi 5. cheifumosa

What are two technology that helped the Hittites build their empire?

1: Chariots 2: Iron weapons

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ww1 started in July 28, 1914 and Australia joined because it was a colony of the british empire

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