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Q: How did Sherman and army treat the citizens once he and his men traveled into North Carolina?
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What is the states of general Sherman route?

Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina.

Who was the highest- ranking general from North Carolina?

William T. Sherman

What state did Sherman's army treatment become extremely harsh?

North Carolina

When did Union Major General William T. Sherman occupy Fayetteville North Carolina?

On March 11, 1865, Major General William T. Sherman's army occupied Fayetteville, North Carolina. The US Civil War was in its closing days at the time.

What union general invaded North Carolina late in the civil war?

North Carolina was invaded from the South by Union Army General William Tecumseh Sherman in February of 1865.

Does North Carolina have senators?

All states in America have senators. Each state has 2 senators that represent the citizens of North Carolina in the United States Senate.

Where did the colonist go on the great wagon road?

the Great Wagon Road traveled the Appalachian Valley from Pennsylvania to North Carolina where some colonist continued on to Georgia.

Where did shermans march to sea take place?

After the Battle of Atlanta, Gen Sherman began his march from there and advanced across Georgia and ended at Savannah. He then turned north and marched through South Carolina and into North Carolina.

Where did Sherman march to?

After he abandoned his attempt to pursue the Army of Tennessee, he turned South-East from Atlanta and crossed Georgia to Savannah, from where the Confederate General Hardee escaped across the river into South Carolina (saving the fine city of Savannah from a hammering.) Sherman soon followed him into South Carolina, the state that had started the war, and burned down the capital, Columbia. The war ended soon after Sherman crossed into North Carolina.

What was the last battle between the north and south?

Bentonville, North Carolina, where Sherman defeated Joe Johnston in April 1865. After this, there were only a few isolated skirmishes.

When did sherman's troops begin their march through virgina?

They did not make it to Virginia. They got as far as North Carolina when Lee surrendered to Grant.

Which statement offers the best explanation for why general sherman was more destructive on his march through South Carolina than he was in North Carolina?

South Carolina was viewed as a prime target because they were the first state to secede from the Union.