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Townshend planned to enforce the new taxes with the Commissioners of Customs Act of 1767, which established the American Board of Customs Commissioners.

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Q: How did Townshend plan to enforce new taxes?
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How did Townshend plan to enforce his new taxes?

By sending a board of five commissioners to reside in the colonies (:

Which was lord grenvilles plan to enforce new taxes?

Lord Grenville's plan to enforce new taxes included the Stamp Act of 1765, which imposed a tax on all colonial paper materials, and the Townshend Acts of 1767, which imposed duties on imported goods such as glass, lead, paint, and tea in the American colonies. These taxes were intended to help pay Britain's debt from the French and Indian War and to assert British authority over the colonies.

What was Charles Townshend's new tax plan?

a new tax plan.

What new taxes did Parliament create in 1767?

Townshend duties

What did townshend acts besides new taxes?

It passed new laws for the colonists to follow those new laws

What did Townshend Acts create besides New Taxes?

It passed new laws for the colonists to follow those new laws

What were the provisions of the townshend act?

It was a way to collect new taxes, but it invaded privacy with the writs of assistance.

Which act placed new taxes on paper paint lead glass and tea?

townshend duty Act

Define townsend acts?

The Townshend Acts, The British Government called for new taxes in 1776. SO Parliament passed the Townshend Acts. The Townshend Acts said that the colonist had to pay taxs on all tea, paper, glass, lead, and paint imported from Britain. SO basically the Townshend acts made people pay taxes on certain items, people hated the new taxes and they could not afford them. So The Colonist Buycotted the tea (refused to buy it) Which lead to other events but that was mostly all about the townshend acts taxes boycott which i think it lead to the tea act all taxes where off exept for the tea.

What did the Townshend Act create besides new taxes?

They boycotted goods

How did the colonists. Protest the Townsend act?

Charles Townshend told parliament that he had a say to raise revenue in the colonies. So in 1767, parliament passed bid plan known as the Townshend acts. The first of the Townshend acts suspended new yorks assembly until new Yorkers agreed to provide housing for the troops.

Why were british trooops sent to Boston?

To enforce the Townshend Act(s): tariffs and taxation on the new colonies and to punish prior insubordinate activities committed by the colonial state and city governments.