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Well, the government makes laws or rules, right? Now think of a city with laws or rules… the city would eventually fall. Therefore they could use the government to keep things in order. P.S. Do your own homework! ;)

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Q: How did cities benefit from a central government?
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How did cities benefit from a central government and the social classes of early civilizations?

i don't know, why ask me

How did the federalist benefit from a strong government?

The Federalists wanted a strong central government. They benefitted because a strong central government was created.

How did cities benefit from a central goverrnment?

I don't know ask someone else

What is a society that has cities a central government and specialized workers?


What evidence was led historians beliefs about Indus civilization that the cities were run by Strong Central government?

well-planned cities

What made a city independent?

Cities are not generally “independent “ but are part of a state and a central government.

How does America benefit from federalism?

Federalism is a system of government which is divided into two or more sections, such as, central and a state government. This from of government benefits America because, it splits the power of government and limits tyranny. The states government can govern the state wail the central government can govern the nation.

Why do you think governments are usually located in cities?

Governments are usually located in cities because government needs a work force and a central location.

What does uniformity of the Indus Valley cities tell us about their governments?

The lay out of the city that was so much the same between all of the cities. This tells us they had a form of central government.

What is missing from the skylines of Central America cities?

Central American cities are the smokestacks of industry.

How do you use central government in sentences?

Their country has a central government.What will the central government decide on that issue? We should have a central government here.

What evidence suggests in indus valley cities were run by a strong central government?

A sophisticated and technologically advanced urban culture is evidence of an organized government in The Indus Valley Civilization