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Francis Marion was a patriot soldier who fought against the British using surprise attacks, and was cunning in gaining necessary supplies for his men. As stated in the article attached - Mel Gibson's character in 'The Patriot' was loosely (VERY loosely) based upon this gentleman. His family had land in South Carolina and through his local connections he was able to gather men to continue the fight. He had such a way about him that he reportedly convinced a British soldier to change sides and fight with the patriots. Not through a face to face conversation, but through his actions was this done.

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he was the leader of the patroit army

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Q: How did francis Marion help the rev war?
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What was Francis Marion's greatest accomplishment?

Helping the Patriots win the Revolutionary War!

Did Francis Marion have siblings?

It is not known if Frances Marion had any siblings. Francis Marion is most known for being a military officer in the American Revolutionary war.

Who was nicknamed the Swamp Fox during the Revolutionary War and made hit and run attacks?

Francis Marion

Did Francis Marion help slaves?

There is no evidence that Francis Marion actively helped slaves in any significant way. Marion was a military officer during the American Revolutionary War known for his guerilla tactics, but his primary goal was to defeat the British army, not to advocate for the abolition of slavery.

Did Francis Marion have a guerrilla war?

He invented guerrilla warfare

What was Francis Marion's wifes name?

After the Revolutionary War, and at age 54, Francis Marion married a 49-year old cousin, Mary Esther Videau.

Who was the swamp fox that waged guerrilla war on Britain?

Francis Marion

What did Francis Marion do in the Revolutinory War?

guerilla fighter that hid in swamps

During the Revolutionary War who was known as Swamp Fox?

Francis Marion

Why is francis Marion a hero?

Otherwise known as the Swamp Fox, Francis Marion was a guerrilla warfare tactician during the Revolutionary War that won many battles for the Americans.

Who was the swap fox that used gurilla war far on the south?

Francis Marion

Who wrote a poem about francis Marion's hero?

William Cullen Bryant wrote a poem about Francis Marion, a hero of the American Revolutionary War, titled "The Swamp Fox." It praises Marion's guerrilla warfare tactics and leadership in the struggle for American independence.