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Napoleon collected the mish mash of existing civil law in France and codified it in 1804. The Napoleonic Code both clarified the law, made it uniform and put it in writing. It is still in use but has been revised. The Napoleonic Code influenced the civil code in most countries in continental Europe and Latin America. It's influence can be seen in American law with many legal terms we inherited from England finding their origin in the French language. In Louisiana, the only civil-law state in the U.S., the civil code of 1825 (revised in 1870 and still in force) is closely connected to the Napoleonic Code. See more in the link provided below.

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Instead of just writing down what until then were the laws of France, he set out to create a whole new set and structure of laws. His most famous work was the Code Napoléon, a code of civil law much based on Roman law. This Code remains the basis to this day of civil law in France and several other European countries.

Napoleon also was responsible for a new Criminal Code, a new Commercial Code, a new Military code and a new Code on Court of Law-procedures. He did not do any writing himself, but commissioned the work to groups of of lawyers with great experience in their fields.

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Q: How did napleon codify french laws?
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