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Q: How did northern interests present problems for the reconstruction efforts?
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Can you use the word reconstruction in a sentence?

The reconstruction efforts would be tedious but worthwhile.

What was the term used in rebuilding the south after the civil war?

It was called "Reconstruction." There were continuing disputes between northern Republicans, and the efforts by Southerners to maintain control over the freed slaves led to "Radical Reconstruction" in which the Southern states were placed under military governorships.

What was the name of the efforts to overcome the effects of the civil war?


Which group did President Andrew Johnsons Reconstruction efforts affect MOST positively?

Carpetbaggers and scalawags gained the most from reconstruction.

What do UNAMA's two pillars ensure?

Political and reconstruction efforts are aligned.

What happened during gilded age?

The Gilded Age was caused by the ending of southern Reconstruction efforts and the rapid (and mostly northern) industrial growth.

Why did Northern teachers and missionaries went to the south as the war ended to?

Northern teachers and missionaries went to the South after the Civil War to help with Reconstruction efforts and assist in educating newly freed African Americans. They aimed to provide educational opportunities and aid in social and economic advancement in the post-war period.

What group was created in late 1865 to resist Reconstruction efforts?

kkk( ku klux klan)

By the time president grant took office southern resistance to the reconstruction efforts had?

Turned violent.

Why congress reconstruction efforts to ensure equal right to the freedmen fail?

Because they wanted to be fair with the freedmen

Where can one find information about the reconstruction after the civil war?

Information about the reconstruction of the States after the American Civil War can be found on a website called Essortment. The local library would also have a selection of books about the Civil War that would have details about the reconstruction efforts.

What efforts were made to protect black rights during reconstruction?

the grandfather clauses and literacy tests and poll taxes.