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Q: How did policymakers hope the policy assimailation would work?
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How did the policymakers hope the policy of assimilation would work?

They were hoping that Indians would blend into white culture after the buffalo died off.

What are the three main outcomes policymakers try to achieve?

Policymakers generally aim to achieve economic growth, social equity, and environmental sustainability through their decisions and actions. These outcomes are interconnected and essential for ensuring a well-functioning society.

Why was the policy racist?

Because the policy was bored, hope this helped nugget :D

What was a boycott and What effect did colonists hope it would have on a british policy?

Boycott was when the colonies rejected brithish materials,the effect it had on the colonies was that they did not have enogh supplies

Roosevelt's policy in the Caribbean was called?

Monroe Doctrine :) i hope this answer helped It's actually the Big Stick Policy.:)

Can you give us some of the samples of a policy number?

The policy number is the number assigned to an insurance policy. I certainly hope that there are no people on here that will give you a policy number as an example.

What has the author Einar Hope written?

Einar Hope has written: 'Competition policy analysis' -- subject(s): Case studies, Competition, Industrial policy 'Competition and Trade Policies'

The policy of making concessions in the hope of avoiding war?


What is The institution with authority to set policy for society?

bob hope

What is a revising?

I hope you revised for the exam.We have revised our customer policy.

Is acceptance of spirituality growing?

I believe that it is, not that there is a increase in the belief in God, but in the hope that there is a God. With the way the world is turning out with its troubles and tribulations, it would seem that a lot of people are taking out an "insurance policy", if I might call it that: a "just in case" policy if things get really bad. Then they can cash in on the policy that God will see them through. It would be nice to think that the majority are turning to a God that they know to be there.

Would homeowners policy cover loss of a cashiers check stolen from vehicle?

Yes, it should depending on where or the distance the auto was from the home. Be sure to get a Police Report as this is will help show proof of loss. Check your policy for specifics. Hope this helps.