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how are the concept of social contract and the purpose of government related

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Q: How did social contract related to the development of government?
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What is the john lockes social contract theory?

John Locke's social contract theory posits that individuals enter into a social contract with a government to protect their natural rights to life, liberty, and property. According to Locke, if a government fails to uphold its end of the contract by violating these rights, individuals have the right to revolt and establish a new government. This theory influenced the development of modern democratic governance.

How was lockes social contract theory related to his belief in natural law?

Locke's social contract theory related to his belief in natural law was a moral account. This started in history.

According to the social contract theory the contract is?


Does the US government function under a social contract?

The US government functions under a social contract. As a matter of fact all governments including the Roman empire are run on a social contract.

What was Rousseau's social contract?

The social contract basically says that the government should say out of of the people business.

What could be a sentence with the word Social Contract in it?

social contract is a agreement makes by the government and society i hope its helpful (=

What theory of government does limited government comes from?

Social contract theory

What is the Social Contract?

The social contract was a theory where the people give up sovereignty/freedom to the government to maintain social stability. The main philosophers associated with the social contract were Locke, Rousseau, and Hobbes.

The 17th and 18th century philosophers John Locke Jean Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes supported the Theory of government?

Social Contract

The second treatise of government supports the?

social contract theory of the origin of government

How this idea of government being a social contract impacted the French Revolution?

the Social Contract didn't impact the French Revolution in anyway.

How is the government and social contract connected?

The government and social contract are connected in that the social contract theory posits that individuals consent to give up some freedoms in exchange for protection and support from the government. This agreement establishes the foundation for the relationship between citizens and their government, with the government expected to uphold its responsibilities in providing security and services while citizens obey the laws and contribute to society.