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The Cold War pushed Russia and other neighboring countries such as Britain and USA to focus a lot of its research on military technology. Each country wanted to remain a step ahead of the other where surveillance and weapons superiority was concerned.

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Russia is an Eastern Country and a Western Country; it covers EURASIA. Consequently it is often referred to as the West when spoken about in Asia, and referred to as the East when talked about in Europe or North America. For cold war purposes, the Soviet Union was the East (Orient) and the West (Occident) was the US and Free world nations. As far as the word "tension" is concerned; the definition of Cold War is Tension. It was a stand-off. There was no war.

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The relationship between the US and the USSR was a military stand-off, which was titled, the Cold War.

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Q: How did the Cold War affect Russia and other countries?
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What are the negatives of Russia being cold?

The same like in other countries.

What to countries fought in the cold war?

The United States and USSR (United Soviet Socialist Republic), not Russia. Russia was the major country in the USSR and they controlled the other members.

What two worlds were in the cold war?

Do you mean countries if so USA Russia It wasn't an actual war it was both countries being afraid of each other

What countries were major rivals in the cold war?

The U.S and USSR (Russia)

What countries did the conflict exist between the cold war?

russia poland

Describe the status of russia and the united states after the end of the cold war?

Both Russia and the United States agreed to have less nuclear weapons in their countries after the cold war. This put both countries at ease.

How did the Cold War affect the us politically?

many people in Russia grew afraid of the belif that they were going to be attacked by the us causing Great stress between both countries

How did the cold War affect Eastern European countries?

by death

What are the countries in Asia the have arctic tundra?

Mainly Russia and Canada (the most northern part of the countries). The word comes from Russian.

What are the 2 leading countries during cold war?

USA and USSR (now Russia)

Which two countries almost let nuclear bombs on each other?

Either Russia and the US in the cold war or India and Pakistan in a standoff in 2001-2002

Why did the cold war spread?

Other countries around the world either picked up capitalism or communism. The cold war spread because Russia wanted more control in more satellite states and countries, and the US had to keep an eye on them as well as keep them in check.