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Q: How did the KKK contribute to the polarization and sectional alignment of political parties in the late nineteenth century?
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What is polarization with example?

Polarization refers to the division of people or groups into contrasting opinions, beliefs, or ideologies, leading to increased hostility and divisions in society. A common example of polarization is political polarization, where individuals strongly align with either end of the political spectrum, causing increased disagreement and conflict between various political groups.

When was Alignment - political party - created?

Alignment - political party - was created in 1965.

When did Alignment - political party - end?

Alignment - political party - ended in 1968.

What is the Cause of Political corruption?

Political corruption can be caused by a variety of factors, including lack of transparency, weak institutions, concentration of power, greed, and lack of accountability. Additionally, factors such as impunity for wrongdoing, political polarization, and lack of oversight can contribute to a culture of corruption in politics.

What has the author Edmund Hamilton Sears written?

Edmund Hamilton Sears has written: 'Meeting currents, Jupiter or Christ' -- subject(s): Fiction, History, Emperors 'Zatthu' -- subject(s): Fiction 'An outline of political growth in the nineteenth century' -- subject(s): Nineteenth century, Modern History, Political science, History 'An outline of political growth in the nineteenth century' -- subject(s): History, Modern History, Political science, Politics and government, Nineteenth century 'Athanasia' 'Regeneration'

Constitutional Unionism from its historical precedents to actual political practice in mid nineteenth century in Kentucky and America?

describe constitutional unionism from its historical precedents to actual political in mid-nineteenth century kentucky and america

The social and political condition of Mexican Americans during the course of the nineteenth century?


Why are so many Americans disillusioned with our current government?

There are a variety of reasons why many Americans might be disillusioned with the current government. Some common concerns include political polarization, lack of trust in politicians, perceived corruption, and a belief that the government is not effectively addressing issues that matter to citizens. Varying political ideologies and perspectives also contribute to this disillusionment.

Is it true that In the late nineteenth century dangerous political forces troubled Europe?

Yes it is true.

What major political challenges did Western Hemisphere nations face in the nineteenth century?

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Who was the most famous political machine of the late nineteenth century?

William tweed

What causes political divisions?

Political divisions can be caused by differences in beliefs, values, interests, and ideologies among individuals or groups. Factors such as political polarization, economic disparities, social issues, and historical grievances can also contribute to political divisions. In some cases, the manipulation of information, propaganda, and external influences can exacerbate these divisions.