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How did the central powers and allies try to influence American public opinion

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Q: How did the central powers and the allies try to influence American public opinion?
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Whose propaganda was more influencing allies or central powers?

The Allies' propaganda had more influence.

When World War I began the official United States policy was?

Neutrality; not taking sides. Some American manufacturers and other interests were supplying the Allies though, or doing more business with them than the Central Powers. Germany's targeting the Lusitania turned American public opinion against the Central Powers.

Countries of World War I?

there are actually Quite a lot of countries involved in ww1 Great britain (Allies America (Allies, joined in april, 1917) Germany (Central powers) France (Allies) Russia (Allies, left in February 1917 due to Russian Revolution) Turkey (Central powers) Italy (Allies) Romania (Allies) Serbia (Allies Greece (Allies) Austria-Hungary (Central powers) Bosnia (Central powers) Bulgaria (Central powers) British Empire (Allies) Belgium (Allies) Portugal (Allies) hope this helps you :-)

Who were the main enemies of American in World War I?

America joined the side of the Allies which were the countries of England, France, Italy, and then the U.S.. They went against the central powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. The allies won largely due to American support and the central powers loose. Germany is largely blamed for the war.

Compare the strength of Allies and Central Powers?

the allies were stronger

Did the central powers or the allies win in ww1?

The Allies won.

Was the Ottoman Empire with the central power or the allies?

central powers

How did the arrival of the American expeditionary force affect the allies war effort?

The arrival of the American expeditionary force greatly strengthened the Allies war effort. The Allies now had great numbers on their side after depletion in battles against Germany, while morale in the Central Powers fell. It brought a psychological victory for the Allies.

How did the British blockade of Germany actually bring the neutral Americans closer to the allies?

It increased America's economic ties with the Allies because British blockade of Germany caused American trade with the Central Powers to virtually cease.

How did both allies and central powers try to gain support of the Americans?

Both the allies and central powers tried to gain support of the Americans by using campaigns and propagandas. I know you use this because it's an easier way to get answers, but be careful. There are people out there that just want to mess around. And, anybody can edit the truth.

Is Bulgaria allies or central?

its a Nato member

What advantage did the allies hold over the central powers?

the allies have more militeristic abilities and strength