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Q: How did the federal government actively promote industrial and agricultural development in this after the civil war period?
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Discuss the role of government as the promoter regulator entrepreneur of industrial development?

The promotional role of the government in relation to industries can be seen as providing finance to industry, in granting various incentives and in creating infrastructure facilities for industrial growth and investment. For example, our government has identified certain backward areas as 'No Industry Districts'. To promote development of such areas, Government provides subsidies and tax holiday to attract investment in backward areas. In this way the government will help the process of balanced development and thereby remove regional disparities. The government is assisting the development of small scale industries. The District Industrial Centers are assisting the development of small industries. The government is actively helping the industrial development of the country by providing finance to them through the development banks.

What describes a major similarity between the kingdom of Mali and the Umayyad Empire?

both states actively promoted the development and spread of islam

How did the government actively help railroad?

The government gave railroad companies large pieces of land.

Nineteenth century socialists argued that government should?

The government shoul activly plan the government. You Welcome!

What ways Canadians are actively involved in decision making government?

because they are canadians?

Which group actively encouraged europeans to immigrate to the great plains?

The federal government

Nineteenth-century socialists argued that government should?

actively plan the economy

Nineteenth-century socilists argued that government should?

actively plan the economy

What are some of the problems that arise when government actively oppose religion?

When a government actively opposes a religion, that religion often flourishes. The result can be that the government becomes increasingly repressive until finally the religion is destroyed or driven so far underground that the government no longer has any control over its existence.In China, the government actively opposes Falun Dafa but, by all accounts, it is flourishing. Christianity is persecuted in North Korea, but appears to survive against the odds. The Roman Empire actively opposed Christianity in the late third century, but it continued to flourish and became the religion of the Empire during the course of the fourth century.

Who are insurrectors?

Someone who actively participates in a violent uprising against an established government or regime.

How did the government actively help railroads companies?

The government gave railroad companies large pieces of land.

Despite isolationist position in the 1920s the us government actively intervened in what area of european affairs?

Despite its isolationist position in the 1920s, the US government actively intervened in European affairs in terms of international finance. The US intervened in terms of reparations as well.