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actively plan the economy

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Q: Nineteenth-century socilists argued that government should?
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Who argued that government should stay out of private business?

John Stuart Mill argued that government should stay out of private business.

Nineteenth-century socialists argued that government should?

actively plan the economy

Nineteenth century socialists argued that government should?

The government shoul activly plan the government. You Welcome!

What argued that because states created the national government the national government's power should be secondary to states' power?

who said they need more power, for the States? And they felt that they should have more Power was the government

Which philosopher argued that government holds its authority only with the consent of the people?

John Locke argued that government holds its authority only with the consent of the people. He believed that individuals have natural rights that should be protected, and that government exists to secure these rights through the consent of the governed.

After World War 2 Winston churchill argued that the united nations should be?

After World War II, Winston Churchill argued that the United Nations should be controlled by the United States government. He felt at that time that the United States was at the peak of their power.

Critics of the tennesse valley authority argued that the federal government should?

allow local and state authorities to manage their own affairs

Who argued that talent not strength or wealth should determine a persons place in government?

The philosopher Plato argued that talent, rather than strength or wealth, should determine a person's place in government. He believed in a meritocratic system where rulers are chosen based on their abilities and virtues, rather than on hereditary traits or material wealth.

Thomas Paine argued that all government officials were?

Thomas Paine argues that all government officials should derive their authority from popular consent.

In Locke's Second Treatise on Civil Government the?

government is under the same laws as everyone else

Which enlightnment philosopher argued that the people should be treated equally and they had the right to change their government if their government if it was not protecting their rights?

John Locke stated something close to this, but it was Thomas Jefferson who wrote that in the Declaration of Independence.

Which philosophers said that the people were selfish and they needed a government to rule them?

Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau both argued that people are inherently self-interested and need a government to regulate their behavior in order to maintain social order. Hobbes believed that without government, life would be "nasty, brutish, and short," while Rousseau argued that government should represent the general will of the people to ensure social harmony.