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people celebrated when the railroad was complete! :D

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Q: How did the government help construct the transcontinental railroad?
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What did the government provide to help construct the transcontinental railroad?

free land sections on alternating sides of the track (which the government didn't actually own to give away).

The government contributed to the building of the transcontinental railroad by?

The Government granted the Eastern and Pacific Railroad Companies subsidies to help them expand.

Who was recruited to build the Abraham Lincoln's transcontinental railroad?

Yes Abraham Lincoln did get employed for help building the first transcontinental railroad

What can The transcontinental railroad do?

Help settlers travel faster

What did the Chinese do on the transcontinental railroad?

the Chinese chipped their way through the Sierra Nevada Mountains and they hung from baskets when they did it. they were a big help to the dangerous job of building the Transcontinental railroad.

In the second half of the 1800s what did the federal government encourage in the building of transcontinental railroads?

Railroad Builders received loans and grants from the federal government.

Did Ulysses S. Grant help finish the transcontinental railroad?

No, he didn't precisely help finish the railroad, although he did help fund it. It was Leland Stanford who really finished the railroad.

How did the transcontinental railroad help the west develop?

it made it easier to get from one place to the other

How did the homestead act and transcontinental railroad help the US fulfill there commitment?

manifest destiny

Where did the central pacific start?

If you are referring to the United States Transcontinental Railroad, this will help you. The starting location of the Central Pacific Railroad is Sacremento California

How did the government actively help railroad?

The government gave railroad companies large pieces of land.

Did the Germans help build the transcontinental railroad?

I have been researching this topic and in the childrens book, "Life in the Old West- The Railroad" it said that the Germans were involved in building the track.