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the lack of a strong national government is the people behind the government helping the government pass all the test to become a national government on its own.

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Q: How did the lack of a strong national government create problems?
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Which was a fundamental goal of the Virginia Plan?

To create a strong national government. A+LS

What was the fundamental goal of the plan?

To create a strong national government. A+LS

What group supported a strong national or central government.?

The Federalists supported a strong national government.

A major purpose of the economic provisions in the Constitution was to?

Create a strong national government so as to bring stability out of the economic chaos.

Who believe in strong national government?

George WashingtonJohn Adams believed in a strong national government and he was a member of the federalist party

Federalists were concerned that without a strong national government this would triumph?

Federalists were concerned that a strong national government must exist. They believed without a strong national government anarchy would triumph.

Why did Patrick Henry refuse to be a delegate?

He feared states would lose power to a new national governmenthe feared that the delegates would try to create a strong national government

What is a strong state government?

identify two argumements for a strong national government

What was the appeal of federalism?

It retained state traditions and local power while establishing a strong national government capable of handling common problems

What statement was true of the Whig party in 1824?

It wanted a strong national government - apex

Why were founders afraid to have a strong national government?

They had been ruled over by a government with too much power for years, and didn't want to create the same type of government after fighting for freedom for 6 years.

Was Hamilton's economic measures were prompted by his determination to strengthen the national government?

This is true. Alexander Hamilton was a nationalist by belief and wanted a strong central government. As such, his economic changes were meant to fund the national debt and create a central bank.