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Allowed Kansas to become a slave state. Buchanan attempted to push the constitution through the U.S Congress for acceptance. Kansas rejected the Constitution and became a free state.

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Q: How did the lecompton constitution lead to the civil war?
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What was the LeCompton Constitution?

The LeCompton Constitution was a proposed pro-slavery constitution for Kansas that would have allowed slavery and protected existing slaveholders. It was highly controversial because it was seen as undemocratic, as it did not allow the people of Kansas to vote on the issue of slavery. It was ultimately rejected by Congress.

Which state experienced a small civil war in 1856?

Kansas was thrown into a violent period known as Bleeding Kansas on May 21, 1856, at the hands of anti-slavery advocates from Missouri. It would end with the institution of the Lecompton Constitution.

Why the Civil War led to the constitution?

it didn't the constitution was created before the Civil War...

What issues lead to Civil War in 1861?

the lead of the civil war was slavery

Who lead the South into the Civil War?

Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America. ______________ But he did not lead the south into the Civil War he led them DURING the civil war.

What war did Abraham lead?

Abraham Linclon lead the Civil War.

Did Abraham Lincoln lead in the Civil War?

No he was president during the civil war

How can you verify you have a civil war cannon ball?

Were there lead cannonballs during Civil WAr

What issues or events lead to the start of the civil war?

Slavery caused the civil war

What changes were made to the constitution after the civil war?

After the civil war, the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were added to the constitution and the three-fifth clause and the fugitive clause were stated.

What state was its own republic and what us war did it lead to?

South Carolina and it lead to the Civil War

Who lead the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln