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Q: How did the opinion in the dred Scott cases threaten the idea of popular sovereignty?
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What Supreme Court decision overturned both the Missouri Compromise and popular sovereignty?

Dred Scott v. Sanford

What supreme court decision overturned both Missouri compromise and popular sovereignty?

Dred Scott v. Sanford

Law found to be unconstitutional in dred Scott decision?

Kansas-Nebraska Act, allowing each new state to vote whether to be slave or free ('Popular Sovereignty').

What effect did the Dred Scott decision have on Senator Stephen A Douglas' political situation?

The Dred Scott decision by the US Supreme Court in 1857 damaged Senator Douglas' main political position on slavery. It virtually vetoed his policy of popular sovereignty.

What were the implications of the dred Scott decision for the concept of popular sovereignty?

No implications. The Dred Scott case concerned the unwise act of taking your slave into free soil and then back again, setting up confusion over the status of the slave. Those wanting to deny Scott his freedom were simply exploiting this confusion. Popular Sovereignty was one of the many compromises involving the statehood of new territories to the West. The question of 'slave' or 'free' would be decided by local vote. The only connection was the Supreme Court's claim that slavery was protected by the Constitution, so in theory no state could vote to exclude slavery. But not many people saw this as a realistic verdict.

Did Dred Scott want secession?

Dred Scott may not have had an opinion on secession, because he may have been unaware of national political issues. If he did have an opinion, it doesn't appear to be recorded.

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How would supporters of popular sovereignty view the Dred Scott decision and the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

They would view the Kansas-Nebraska Act favourably, because it would allow the citizens of each new state to vote on whether it was to be slave or free. They would view the Dred Scott decision with outrage, because it declared that slavery was legal in every state of the Union.

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