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The Patriot Act changed America because it immersed us in surveillance culture. Basically, Edward Snowden's rise was created as a result of the Patriot Act. Too much surveillance and too much ignorance was displayed by the US onto its own people

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Q: How did the patriot act change American culture?
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How did the patriot boycott movement following the Townshend Act change the political culture of America?

d. It united thousands of Americans in a common political movement.

When did Patriot Act happen?

Patriot Act happened in 2001.

The Patriot Laws?

the patriot laws are the rules of a patriot which is called the patriot act.

How might American citzens respond if the bill of rights were suspended?

The American public did nothing .... the Patriot Act suspended the Bill of Rights

How has the Patriot Act impacted the manager's job?

the patriot act is a bit gay , okay ?

When was Patriot Act - novel - created?

Patriot Act - novel - was created in 2007-08.

What are the arguments surrounding the patriot act?

Taxation without representation was a big part of the patriot act.

Can president declare war?

No, the president cannot declare war without congress. The patriot act does not change this.

Conservative view on patriot act?

Conservatives are pro-patriot act because they place order over freedom and the patriot act promotes security and protection from terrorism (translates into order).

What does the Patriot Act mean?

The Patriot Act was signed on october 26 2011. It is a response to the september 11 attacks. The Patriot Act reduces restrictions in law enforcement on gathering intelligence on terrorists.

Does the American Government have a computer misuse act?

The United States passed a Computer Fraud and Misuse act in 1986. Recent amendments to this law were made in 2001 and in 2002 by the Patriot Act.

What is the ISBN of Patriot Act novel?

The ISBN of Patriot Act - novel - is 978-0-7336-2098-0.