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It provided instant communication for vast areas of the country especially during and after the civil war

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Q: How did the telegraph helped people?
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What was the telegraph's impact on the world?

it was great it helped millions of people with keeping data

How did the telegraph improve communication?

it helped people communicate from different places. It helped people during the war. It also checked for accuracy of the information and get an immediate reply.

How did the telegraph and the telephone change AméRica?

It helped people communicate without traveling a long distance.

What technology helped cowboys?


What are some telegraph facts?

one is that it helped people talk to each other across the country faster

Where can you buy a telegraph?

longjohnsilverman,s love shack. hope this helped:)

What divice helped in the defeat of confederate forces at the battle of Gettysburg?

The Telegraph

What factor helped railroads establish dependable schedules?

the invention of the telegraph

Which of these factors helped railroads establish dependable schedules?

the invention of the telegraph

What was the impact on people of Samuel Morse's telegraph?

he invented the telegraph and changed the way people communicate forever

What are three ways the telegraph changed the America?

1. It let people communitate better 2. It helped people learn new technoligy 3. It gave people a thing to study and try to improve.

What was the outcome from president Lincoln?

He helPed stop slavery and he made the telegraph popular