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Q: How did the wilmont proviso lead to the American civil war?
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What was the wilmot proviso and how did it add to tensions between north and south?

The Wilmot Proviso, which was one one event that lead up to the American Civil War, would have banned slavery in new territories and land.

How Wilmot Proviso lead to conflict?

The Wilmot Proviso lead to conflict because it specifically says that no slavery is allowed in any parts of Mexico.

What purpose did Wilmot Proviso serve in the American Civil War?

Wilmot Proviso caused the conflict between the North and South which later lead to the American Civil War. He made a proposal at Congress which was an extreme Abolitionist stance and polarised the two fractions.

The election of 1860 lead to what great conflict?

The American Civil War

How did the out come of the Mexican war lead to the proposal wilmot proviso?

The US gained territory from the war, and the Wilmot Proviso proposed a way to settle the dispute over slavery in the territory.

What did the Texas war for independence lead to?

The independence of the Texas RepublicThe Mexican-American WarUltimately, the American Civil War

What did the American victory in the Mexican American War lead to?

Even further expansionism which was only delayed by the US Civil War.

What did Mexico's offer of cheap land lead to?

The Texas Revolution, the Mexican-American War and eventually, the American Civil War.

Did the Wilmot Proviso lead to the compromise of 1850?

In part, simply by bringing the issue of slavery to the halls of Congress.

Who was main general that lead union army in American civil war?

Commanding General Ulysses S. Grant

Who lead the American Civil War?

President Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the Union, and President Jefferson Davis was the leader of the Confederacy.

Why did Abraham Lincoln lead the country through the American Civil War?

Because he was the only availible leader to command the union