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Q: How did white People react to the idea integrating schools?
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What is harry f byrd remembered for?

he was known for integrating black and white schools.

What were schools like in 1800?

segregated white people had their own schools and black people had their own schools

What was the equal rights that American didn't have?

Black people were treated differently than white people. There were things like colored schools and white schools.

What is a segregated schools?

Racial Segregated schools where where people separated black people from white and kept them in different school.

How did white people react during the Harlem Renaissance?

they were happy

What are two reasons why black schools during Reconstruction were not of the same quality as white schools?

Used to, blacks were considered outcasts, and shunned from public. White people were rulers around the time of slavery.

What resulted from Jim crow laws?

A Public places had separate facilities for black people and white people B Black schools had the same resources as white schools C More black citizens in the South voted in elections D More black politicians from the south were elected federal office

What white chocky substance does not react with Benedict with Iodine or with Sudan IV but will react with Biuret?

My friend is coky I need to know a white powder substance that does not react with an acid

What were the differences between black and white children's schools?

The schools for blacks were usually, if not always, markedly inferior in facilities and staff when compared to white schools.

What did the supreme court decided in 1954?

that segregation in schools was against the constitutionThat there should not be separate schools for black and white studentsThat schools should be desegregated.

How did truganini react to contactwith White people?

Truganini hated the white people because they killed many of her tribe and aboriginals started fighting because of this but Truganini was very very very mad and she was also very scared

What Type of schools where students wear white uniforms?

karate schools