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Through their elected representatives they take part in law-making.

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Q: How do citizens influence the government in a democracy?
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What type of government allows citizens to have the greatest amount of political influence?

A democracy Government

In a democracy how do citizens control and affect the government?

Voting is a big way to influence. Also protesting can influence.

Which statement best describes a difference between a democracy and a republic?

A democracy can come in two forms - direct and indirect - while a republic is always indirect - Apex

What was Rome's influence on government and democracy?

Rome's influence on democracy was directly borrowed from the Greeks in the sense that citizens voted. Rome's influence on government covers a wide range of issues. Most of what we consider personal rights were initiated by the Romans.

What kind of government allows citizens to elect representatives?

A democracy.

What is a government where the power is with the citizens?

A democracy

What Greek government is fair and why?

Democracy, because in a democracy all citizens are represented in the government.

What type of government give citizens the power to rule and make law?

A political system that allows the citizens to participate in political decision-making, or to elect representatives to government bodies is usually called a democracy; which has been defined as " government of the people, by the people, for the people". Constituents

What is a government where citizens vote on their leaders?


What is the system of government where power lies in the hands of all the citizens?


What makes a republic different from a democracy-?

Citizens are expected to participate more actively in a democracy. in a republic, citizens do not participate as directly.

In which types of government do ordinary citizens take part in government?

Democracy : type of government ordinary citizens take part in.