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Q: How do you address an envelope to a former president?
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How do you address an envelope to someone who is a president of a company?

You can address them simply as President of whatever the company name is. You can then follow with the rest of the address.

How should you address a former senator in an email?

To address a former president you do not say mr. president or anything having to do with president. <---- This is WRONG. You address any former president as Mr. President. That is a title they have as long as they are alive.

What is President Bush's mailing address in Crawford Texas?

You can Simply write (on the outside envelope) "To George W.Bush- President of the United States' or 'To George W Bush Former President of the United States" Crawford, Texas As of 2010 43 Prairie Chapel Rd. Crawford, TX

How do you address an envelope to a condo?

You can address a letter to the board of directors of a condominium association, and use the mailing address of the association. This might be the president's address, or the address of the management company.

How do you address an envelope with a Lithuania address?

how to write correct address on the envelope to Lithuania

How to address envelope both dentists?

To address an envelope, write the recipient's name, and, beneath it, address.

Address the envelope for the President and his wife?

President and Mrs. Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500

When was the state of the union address first broadcast on television at night?

in 1965, by former president Lyndon B. Johnson

You want the contact numbers snd postal address of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam - former President of India.?

The contact number and postal address for Dr Abdul Kalam is not available to the general public. Dr. Kalam is the former President for India.

When addressing an envelope the return address is placed in the center right of the envelope?

When addressing a standard envelope, the correct location for the return address is the upper left corner of the envelope.

What is the current address of former president George W. Bush?

He lives in Dallas, Texas!

What happens to a mail envelope with no return address?

It will NOT be returned to the sender that is for sure if it does not have a correct return address on the mailed envelope and the one that it was mailed to has a incorrect address or does NOT accept the mailed envelope.