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The Intolerable acts were one of the most effective ways that we live today.

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Q: How do you end a conclusion paragraph about the intolerable act?
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How do you end a conclusion about the intolerable act?

You end the conclusion by putting a full stop or period at the end.

Does a paragraph have a conclusion?

No, but the conclusion paragraph goes at the very end of the assignment.

When did the tea taxes end?

after the intolerable act

What Indicates the end of a paragraph?

therefore/in conclusion/

What does a conlusion paragraph mean?

A conclusion at the end of the paragraph is similar to the one at the end of the whole essay, it wraps up what that paragraph has been talking about. If you don't use a conclusion, your reader can tend to get confused when you transition from one paragraph to another. But be sure the conclusion just flows along, don't make it apparent that its a conclusion.

How do you write a conclusion about Archimedes?

Just go on a website and get as much information as you can and then try to sum him up in a paragraph or so at the end of your work. This will be your conclusion.

What is a conclusion?

An interpretation or deduction at the end of what is said in a situation or story. It could also be a paragraph that restates the thesis.

What are some good transitions to end the body of a paragraph?

Some good transitions to end the body of a paragragh are as follows... With a question. Or with a conclusion.

What should your compare-and-contrast essay end with?

The conclusion paragraph should includes a wrap-up and a thesis restatement.

What is conclosion?

A conclusion is the the end of something. Kind of like a resolution, the conclusion of the race would be at the end of the the race when everyone has finished. A conclusion is also the last paragraph of a non-fiction price of writing, the paragraph that sums it all up.

How do you write a conclusion to a report?

You start your conclusion with one of the following:In conclusion...Therefore...In closing...Overall...Consequently...To summrarice...Yo could use anything like that.Then, you should restate your thesis.End with a powerful sentence about your topic.

What does a paragraph or essay always end with?

A paragraph or essay typically ends with a conclusion that summarizes the main points discussed in the text and often offers a final thought or reflection on the topic. This conclusion helps to bring closure to the piece and leave the reader with a lasting impression.